“Momentum” – Antonio Sánchez
Edit: Steve Pyne –
Director of Photography : Adrien H. Tillmann

Premiered in the Huffpost on November,03 2017

Marcus Gilmore x Sunhouse
Directed and Filmed by: Adrien H. Tillmann

“And I love Her”. Tribute to the Beatles by Petros Klampanis, Gilad Hekselman and Ziv Ravitz filmed on a Brooklyn Rooftop

Directed by + Edit:  Adrien H. Tillmann
Camera: Adrien H. Tillmann – Anna Yatskevich – Joan Andres Ospina

New York 2016

DP/Edit: Adrien H. Tillmann
Experimental video of the Queensboro Bridge, that I shot from the Roosevelt Island Tramway, rearranged with some “Double exposure” effects(sort of) and other sacred geometry inspired effects. I started mixing this kind of visuals in my Jazz videos for artists such as Mark Guiliana (New York Times (09/29/2017): “a speckled and dreamlike aesthetic — and an overlay of Doug Aitken-like abstract highway shots — that matches its windswept and soaring sound”)

Tarun Balani x Sunhouse
Filmed and Edited by Adrien H Tillmann

Aaron Comess – “Sculptures”
Edited by Steve Pyne
Director of Photography: Adrien H. Tillmann

Studio Video for Magos Herrera & Brooklyn Rider
Sony Music Mexico

Music Video for Oded Tzur – “Single Mother”

Directed and shot by Adrien H. Tillmann

Paris, France 2016

Live performance video for Alex Conde- Filmed at Power Station (Avatar Studios)
Directed and edited by : Adrien H. Tillmann
Camera: Brian Pucci / Lights: Alessio Romano

Live video performance for Immanuel Wilkins @ The Jazz Gallery – New York

Live performance video for Harish Raghavan Sextet – Filmed at Shapeshifter Lab – Brooklyn